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Hola Amigos! Welcome to a Brand New Adventure =]

May 2013---


Next Stop: GRANADA, NICARAGUA!! <3<3<3 

 I'm working with La Esperanza Granada as an English teacher from September-December 2013. I am so thankful for this opportunity and have created a blog so that everyone can follow along with me on my journey! 


December 2012,

This year has been a very blessed one ministry wise! Thanks to everyone who stood by me as I went to Rwanda! You are gems and blessings from heaven. If you check out the RWANDA page, then you will see a video montage of the trip. Thanks once again for backing me up in prayer and financial support. God did GREAT things in the country of Rwanda!


July 2012,

 So little did I know what this year had in store for me! For those of you who don't know, I'm planning on going to Rwanda with Liberty University in November! I am so excited to go and I am looking forward to taking amazing pictures and getting to learn Kinyarwanda! We are going to be helping women and children who were affected by the genocide in 1994. There are 20 of us who are students at Liberty who have been selected to go on this trip. I pray that God will use us to touch lives and also speak to our hearts as well! =)


March 2012,

 As a new year has begun, so has a new adventure. I am spending this year at home, with a few short trips planned. I have to finish school, but I will still be involved in missions! My church (Abiding Love International Fellowship) is taking a short missions trip to Jamaica!! I am really excited about that, but also for finishing up my degree and starting my plans to be a 1 year missionary associate!

Please pray with me as I continue to pray for direction and guidance on which country God is calling me too. I would LOVE to go back to El Salvador, but only if that is God's will!



April 2011-

Hello Everyone,

Welcome once again to my website. It has been a long time since things were updated or since I used it, but then again, I've been home for a long time. This time around, using it mostly for memories and for donation purposes. Hopefully you enjoyed some of the things that were posted from my last trip. I finished that mission and graduated from the Master's Commission program. 


Yet, the Lord has called me yet again, to return to El Salvador. This time, for only a short period. I will be doing a two month internship with King's Castle Ministries. I will be working with American and Canadian teams that come down on week long missions trips. I will also be translating for the nationals who will be working with us as well as for the team leaders, which I did as well as a Master's Student. 

I am very excited because this position as an intern it will help me in my leadership skills as well as my team building skills. God has done a lot in me since I first started this website and I'm glad it is still up and running. I will try and update it as much as possible. 

Thanks Everyone and Welcome back to my adventure:]





June 2009-

hey y'all!

I'm so happy you're visiting my site! First off because I want as many people as possible to know about my trip and about the good things that are going to go on while I'm down there. Secondly, because that means I've reached people, I love networking. Well either way, this website is going to serve as my means of communication with everyone back home while I'm gone for 11 months starting in June of this year. If you don't know my story or any of the amazing stuff that El Salvador has to offer then check out some of my other pages to discover more!



Bare with me as I work on updating the site and making it into the nicest site ever! It's going to be hot when I'm done, hahaha. Either way, thanks for visiting and make sure to stop by  frequently! =]


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